Antenatal Visits

Booking-in Antenatal Consultation

You can book in for pregnancy care with Dr Ken Law any time from 6-8 weeks gestation.  Click here for our Pregnancy Calculator to work out your due date.

Congratulations You are pregnantAt your first visit, will take a detailed history and perform a systematic thorough examination. New appointments take up to one hour.  This allows the development of a pregnancy management plan suitable for your individual needs.  If you have significant other medical disorders which may affect your pregnancy, appropriate referrals to other specialists can be made at this point, so that the right team is in place to look after your pregnancy from the very start.  An ultrasound can be performed during the consultation, to confirm the pregnancy dates and to check for twins (and higher order multiples!)4D Ultrasound Scanner for antenatal visits

Subsequent Antenatal Consultations

Antenatal visits are important for early detection of any problems during your pregnancy.  At each of these visits, maternal and fetal well-being will be assessed.  The frequency of visits is tailored depending on the complexity of your pregnancy.  In general, following your first booking-in visit, you will be seen every month until 28 weeks, every 2 weeks until 36 weeks, and then weekly thereafter until the arrival of your baby.


A bedside ultrasound scan can be performed at each of your antenatal visits (and does NOT attract any additional out-of-pocket fees).  Dr Law can electronically send your baby’s ultrasound images and videos directly to your email.

Multi-disciplinary Comprehensive Pregnancy Care

During your pregnancy, you may also require the professional advice and assistance of another medical specialist or an allied health professional.  An Obstetric Physician, Endocrinologist, pregnancy physiotherapistdiabetic educator, dietitian, lactation consultant, and clinical psychologist are available directly within the consulting rooms of Greenslopes Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

Comprehensive antenatal care

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