Period Problems

Menstrual period problems are a common concern for many women, and can affect young girls who have just started menstruating, as well as women in the reproductive years, right through to the menopause.  Menstrual disturbance is a common reason for referral of women to see a gynaecologist.

Period problems
In many cases, there is nothing inherently wrong with the body, however a thorough gynaecological assessment is important to rule out any abnormalities.  It is useful to identify a specific cause, which may be a hormonal disturbance (e.g. elevated male hormones in women with PCOS), or an abnormal growth (such as fibroids or polyps).  After the specific cause has been identified, the most appropriate treatment options can be offered.

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Gynaecologists can help with period problems is a gynaecologist who specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of women in Brisbane with menstrual disorders.  He offers comprehensive care for these women, identifying the cause of the problem, giving a detailed explanation and options for treatment.  To discuss your specific concerns and menstrual problems with this Brisbane gynaecologist, please contact Dr Ken Law to arrange an appointment at Greenslopes Obstetrics and Gynaecology.


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