Ultrasound Scans

Pregnancy Ultrasound by Dr Ken Law Brisbane Obstetrician at GreenslopesUltrasound scans are useful for detecting and monitoring the progress of your pregnancy.  An ultrasound scan uses sound waves to create an image, and does NOT involve any radiation.  It is completely safe for your baby.  Ultrasound scans have been used in pregnancy for over 30 years, and there are no known side effects or complications.


The ultrasound scan can show the baby’s position and movements in real time, and can be used to check the baby’s size and growth.  It can be used to check the location of the placenta, and to assess pattern of the blood flow in the umbilical cord, which is a good sign of normal placental function.  can also use his ultrasound scanner to check that there is a normal amount of amniotic fluid inside the womb.


What is a 3D Ultrasound Scan?

3D Ultrasound Scan during Pregnancy by Greenslopes ObstetricianA 3D scan is a three-dimensional still image of your baby, instead of the two-dimensional conventional black and white ultrasound images.  It allows the opportunity to see your baby’s face inside the womb, including details of the size and shape of your baby’s mouth and nose.  You may be able to get a glimpse of whether he or she looks more like Mum or Dad, but this is always a little contentious!


The three-dimensional image is produced by combining many two-dimensional ultrasound images in a single sweep, and is just as safe for your baby as a conventional two-dimensional scan.  There are no known harmful effects for your baby.  This technology used to be only available in highly specialised radiology practices, but now Dr Ken Law has this facility right at his consultation room.  He can store 3D images of your baby on your USB memory stick, and can also give you print-outs of the images to keep, to treasure away as the first photo in your baby album.


What is a 4D Ultrasound Scan?

4D Ultrasound Scans by Brisbane ObstetricianA 4D scan adds an extra dimension of time, and basically allows you to see a video of your baby moving inside your womb.  You may be able to see him/her yawn or stick his/her tongue out, although many babies are a little shy and like to cover their faces with their hands (and sometimes their feet)!  Dr Ken Law can save these videos on the USB memory stick given to you at your first booking in visit.


There are no additional out-of-pocket expenses for these ultrasound scans.


Click on the video below to see a 4D Ultrasound scan:


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