Changes During Your Pregnancy

Pregnancy causes many physical changes throughout your body:

Changes during pregnancyBreasts

In the early stages of your pregnancy, your breasts will feel sore, and you may notice them to be larger. As the pregnancy progresses, your breasts will enlarge as they prepare for breastfeeding, and you may notice some leakage of an early form of milk called colostrum.


During your pregnancy, your blood volume increases, and this can lead to congestion and runny noses.

Frequent urination

The increased blood volume also leads to increased urine output from the kidneys. Moreover, as your baby and the womb get bigger during your pregnancy, they put pressure onto your bladder, making you want to pass urine frequently.

Frequent urination
Mouth and tooth changes

Calcium is important for your baby’s development. If your diet is insufficient in calcium intake, then your baby will steal this from your bones and teeth. You may find that your gums bleed more easily, and this is a result of your pregnancy hormones. Good dental care is important during your pregnancy.

If you have any concerns about changes you are experiencing, please feel free to discuss it with Dr Law during your consultation.

Pregnancy changesPregnancy is a Wonderful Time of Change

The nine months of pregnancy are a wonderful time of change. The video below by photographer Tomer Grencel shows the physical changes his wife Osher went through during her pregnancy with their first child. He snapped 1000 photographs in order to produce this time-lapse video, documenting the miraculous changes that occur during pregnancy.

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