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 is a Brisbane Obstetrician who delivers babies at Greenslopes Maternity, and aims to deliver the best obstetrics care in the most modern, comfortable and well-equipped facilities. He is a trusted Brisbane Obstetrician known for his meticulous attention to detail, offering the women of Brisbane a unique and personalised birthing experience in a luxurious and safe private birthing unit.

Brisbane Obstetrician Dr Ken Law is a passionate trusted obstetrician who delivers babies at Greenslopes Maternity

Dr Ken Law is one of the top obstetricians in Brisbane who offers individualised care, respecting the individual needs and desires of his patients, whilst ensuring maximal safety for both mother and baby.  He has managed the safe delivery of hundreds of babies, and has great experience in normal births as well as operative deliveries.  The birthing experience will be tailored towards individual birthing preferences and birth plans when it is safe to do so.  He believes mothers should be able to make well-informed decisions about their choices for mode of delivery.  Dr Ken Law supports women aiming for natural vaginal birth, and he also supports women requesting elective Caesarean deliveries for maternal request and women desiring vaginal birth after previous Caesarean section (VBAC).

Connecting with your baby during the pregnancy

Greenslopes maternity is one of the leading maternity units in Brisbane, and features modern sophisticated birthing suites with all the equipment and facilities to make your labouring experience as safe and satisfying as possible, and 24-hour access to a dedicated emergency operating theatre.

It is backed by 24-hour anaesthetic and paediatric specialist support, and a fundamental part of Greenslopes Maternity is a 10 cot Special Care Nursery that is able to provide care for babies born from 32 weeks.

Brisbane Obstetrician will deliver your little dream baby safely into your hands

3D and 4D Scan at your antenatal consultation

To provide the highest standard of modern obstetric care, Dr Ken Law has the latest 3D/4D ultrasound scanner right in his consultation room, incorporating modern technologies such as HDLive and skin tone rendering.  He offers an ultrasound scan at each of your antenatal visits to see your baby in real-time.  This helps you and your partner to start bonding with your baby early, even before he or she is born!  He can give you print-outs of your baby’s images, and let you start compiling your baby album before your baby arrives.  Dr Ken Law can send you photos and videos via email directly from his ultrasound machine at each appointment.  If you are privately insured and eligible for Medicare, there are no out-of-pocket expenses to you for these obstetric ultrasound scans.

Ultrasound scans during antenatal visit by Brisbane Obstetrician

Comprehensive Pregnancy Care – All under the one roof

At Greenslopes Maternity, Dr Ken Law looks after both normal low-risk pregnancies as well as high-risk pregnancies.  For complicated high-risk pregnancies, Dr Ken Law works closely within a multidisciplinary team of medical specialists and Allied Health Professionals at Greenslopes.  This includes a diabetic educator, dietitianpregnancy physiotherapist and clinical psychologists, who all consult directly from within his Practice at Greenslopes Obstetrics and Gynaecology, saving his patients both time and travel costs.  Dr Ken Law works closely with Endocrinologists who have extensive experience in managing complicated diabetes in pregnancy.

Brisbane Obstetrician Dr Ken Law is a trusted obstetrician in Brisbane

Greenslopes Obstetrics and Gynaecology is the only Private Obstetrics Practice in Brisbane that can offer patients a comprehensive service with experienced obstetricians, medical specialists and allied health professionals all working at the one location.   Whenever possible, appointments to see the multi-disciplinary team of health professionals can be scheduled concurrently with your antenatal check-up visit.

Convenient Location and Parking – takes the hassle out of Obstetric Care

Dr Ken Law’s consulting rooms are situated adjacent to the birthing suites of Greenslopes Maternity, which means he can attend to deliveries at very short notice.  This avoids unnecessary and unpredictable traffic delays, and means that Dr Ken Law can deal with emergencies very promptly.

Brisbane Obstetrician and Gynaecologist OBGYN delivers at the most modern Maternity Unit in Brisbane - Greenslopes Maternity.

Dr Ken Law is also a fully credentialed Visiting Obstetrician and Gynaecologist at the Mater Hospital in South Brisbane, which is about 7 minutes drive from Greenslopes.   For deliveries of babies under 32 weeks gestation, and for babies who will be born with an estimated weight of under 1.5 kg (~3.3 lb), Dr Ken Law will continue to be your Obstetrician looking after you, and will be able to deliver your baby at the Mater Hospital.  That way, extremely premature babies can be born and cared for immediately in a tertiary level neonatal intensive care unit.

New Location for Greenslopes Obstetrics and Gynaecology

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Greenslopes Obstetrician

Dr Ken Law is one of eight dedicated Obstetricians who are based principally at Greenslopes Maternity in Brisbane.  He works closely together with the other Obstetricians within the Greenslopes Obstetrics and Gynaecology Practice, who all share similar philosophies toward woman-centred holistic care.

Greenslopes Maternity

Greenslopes Maternity opened in February 2013.  It aims to provide five-star service in a five-star hotel-style accommodation.  It offers state of the art, modern amenities, and all rooms are equipped with the finest facilities.  Greenslopes maternity provides women with the full range of safe birthing options.

Greenslopes Maternity birthing suite

New Dads can also share in the experience, and are encouraged to stay with the new Mum and Baby at Greenslopes Maternity. All rooms have ensuite bathrooms, free WiFi Internet, large TVs, with access to a 24-hour menu and Espresso coffee machine.

Free undercover parking is provided for the entire duration of the hospital admission for the birth.  All meals for your partner are also provided free-of-charge.

Daddy is welcome to stay at Greenslopes Maternity

Discover the amazing facilities at Greenslopes Maternity

As an Obstetrician and as a father, Dr Ken Law understands that new parents need some time to rest, and whilst rooming-in with your newborn is important, a Well Baby Nursery caters for your need to get some rest when required.  Greenslopes is one of the very few maternity units in Brisbane to offer this service.

Many women stay for up to 5 nights after a Caesarean delivery, and up to 4 nights after a Vaginal delivery. Because of how comfortable the facilities at Greenslopes Maternity are, a few of the new mums and dads have requested longer stays in the maternity unit, but unfortunately most private health funds do not allow for this, unless a longer hospital stay is required for clinical indications!

Newborn baby at Greenslopes Maternity in Special Care Nursery

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