4 Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

4 Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

If you are pregnant or are thinking about trying for a baby then my blog post today is just for you. It is all about how to have a healthy pregnancy.

Keep Exercising!

Whilst extreme exercise is not recommended if you are used to exercising, trying to get pregnant or whilst being pregnant does not mean that you have to stop everything – it is more about looking at continuing exercises that will help you and your baby.

Extreme exercise such as Cross Fit and intense running and cycling is not recommended but exercise such as swimming, yoga and walking are great to get in the habit of doing whilst pregnant.

You can check first with your Obstetrician if you are concerned about starting a new exercise during pregnancy.Healthy exercise during pregnancy

Consider toning down more intense daily jobs!

Be mindful of the day to day work you do and also work around the house. When pregnant, especially as you get further into the pregnancy, be careful with tasks such as heavy lifting of objects and chores that may over exert you or put you at risk (e.g. handling raw meat or cat litter).

Don’t take eating for two literally!

Whilst you will eat more when pregnant often people can take that statement very literally, and then gain a lot of excess weight when pregnant – which can cause all sorts of complications when pregnant and make it hard after pregnancy to get the weight off again.

Here is a great article with some recommended weight figures to consider. You can discuss your weight with your Obstetrician if you have any concerns.

In addition, cutting back on caffeine, eating a healthy diet and avoiding certain foods in pregnancy are also strongly recommended.

It’s still okay to enjoy a massage during pregnancy!

If you are in need of a massage and are worried about things you have read about massages in pregnancy – for starters don’t worry, and secondly all you need to do is find a registered masseuse that is experienced in pregnancy massage. There are lots of websites with practitioners – here is one to start with.


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  1. My husband and I just found out the exciting news that we are pregnant with our first child. I currently work long days and have a lot of late nights. I agree that it is important to tone those items down as the pregnancy gets further down the road because I don’t want to add extra stress to my child or myself. I will be sure to discuss different working options with my boss and my husband as we get further into this pregnancy.

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