Choosing An Obstetrician

Choosing An Obstetrician

Are you looking for a Brisbane obstetrician you can trust and rely on to help you through your pregnancy? Making the selection can be tricky, but it’s important for your health and the well-being of your baby to make a good choice. Our last post talked about how an Obstetrician can help you during the birth of your baby.  Today’s post follows on from that and talks more about how to work out which obstetrician is right for you.

Obstetrician Looking after your pregnancyExpertise

If you have any conditions or illnesses that could complicate your pregnancy, you should seek out an obstetrician who has experience in treating and working with patients who have the same or similar issues. This way, any complications that arise won’t be new territory for your OB.


The Whole Team

Each visit you have with your obstetrician should be a supportive experience from beginning to end. This means the environment of their practice and the attitude of their staff need to make you feel comfortable. Your ideal obstetrician will have a caring and compassionate team to help them help you.

Scans during the pregnancyExperience and Professionalism

Your obstetrician’s ability to support you properly throughout your pregnancy depends heavily on his or her experience. A professional with years of practice will have the confidence and expertise to help you navigate the tricky times that lay before you. You also want to find an obstetrician who knows how to balance friendliness and honesty with professionalism. The right physician for you will know how to reassure and support you while also thoroughly preparing you for your journey – and they won’t cut any corners during your procedures and check-ups.

Communication and Intuition

Getting along with your obstetrician is hugely important. If communication is lacking or your gut tells you a doctor isn’t the right match for you, it could be a great idea to look around for other options.

Newborn baby delivered by your obstetricianIf you’re looking for a practice that checks all these boxes, you can trust us to deliver. Our Greenslopes maternity obstetrician, Dr Ken Law, is a specialist in this area with over a decade of experience in assisting Brisbane women. Call us today on 1300 464 464 to book a consultation.

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