Hands Off!

Hands Off!

 Hands Off! How to deal with people touching your baby bump

Just about every woman who has been through a pregnancy will have experienced at least one unwelcome belly touch. But not every individual is comfortable with this happening, especially if they don’t know the person well. Here are some tips for dealing with people touching your baby bump.

Be Firm, Not Aggressive

Society has made it common to affectionately touch a pregnant woman’s belly, so don’t make assumptions about the offender being intentionally rude. Explain politely and clearly that you don’t welcome their physical contact, but steer away from using an aggressive tone. Getting angry will only make the situation uncomfortable for you both.

Hands off the pregnant belly

Wear a Shirt That Tells Them

Do a quick search online and you’ll find a colourful range of maternity shirts with slogans like ‘Hands off!’ and ‘No touching the bump!’ This may not be appropriate for the train ride to work, but it could warn away a stranger while you’re doing the grocery shopping.

Hold Their Hands

Instead of pushing the person away, simply intercept their hands with your own… and hold them. This will give you a chance to explain that you don’t wish to be touched. And, if they claim that you touching their hands makes them uncomfortable, ask them how they think having their belly touched all the time would make them feel!

The occasional rub from your partner or a friend is nice. But, when you’re pregnant, the belly touching can get irritating real quick! Hopefully these tips will help you deal with some unwanted invasions of your personal bubble.
Hands off my pregnant belly

Dr Ken Law is a Brisbane Obstetrician specialising in the management of pregnancy and delivery.  For more information and to discuss your specific situation, please contact Dr Ken Law to arrange a consultation at Greenslopes Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

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