Nursery Decorating Tips

Nursery Decorating Tips

3 Tips for Decorating Your Nursery

First and foremost, your nursery should provide your baby with a safe and relaxing environment. But once that’s taken care of, there’s no reason not to add a touch of your personal style to the room as well! After all, you will be spending a lot of time here.

Baby nurseryHere are three things to think about before you go out and buy any items for your nursery.

1. Choose Your Theme

Will your nursery be ultra-modern or chic traditional? Before you even begin perusing furniture catalogues, you need to have a concept – even just a vague concept – in mind. This will help you create a consistent look in your nursery as well as saving you time in looking through items that simply don’t match your overall theme.

2. Choose Your Scheme

Your colour scheme, that is. Gone are the days of uniform blue for boys and plain pink for girls. You can certainly choose a base colour with gender in mind, but a contemporary nursery should portray a whole palette of hues. To ensure the room is a peaceful space for your child, stick to neutral and/or calming colours. White and cream are always great back-up options, and you can rarely go wrong with pastels.

3. Get Inspired

Not sure where to start? Jump online and get some inspiration from websites like Pinterest and Etsy. There are countless websites you can browse to get ideas for both overall nursery themes and individual furniture items. Don’t be afraid to take any concepts you find and adapt them to suit your personal tastes!

With some pre-planning and a firm vision for your new baby’s first bedroom, you will be able to create a nursery that helps your bub sleep and also gets compliments from guests.

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