Preparing For Your Baby

Preparing For Your Baby

So you have just found out you are pregnant! Congratulations!

Now what?

You have up to nine months to prepare for your arrival – which can seem like a long time – but there are some key things you could start doing to make sure you are all set when your new baby arrives. I’ve listed a few helpful suggestions below:

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If this is your first pregnancy then you may be unsure what to expect. Whilst your friends and family may have lots of advice to give, it’s also good to read about pregnancy and hear from the experts.

There are lots of books on the market to read which will offer advice day by day, week by week, where to get help and when you should be concerned and what is perfectly normal.

Some great books/websites to start with are:



  • What to Expect When You’re Expecting, by Heidi Murkoff

For a more light hearted approach:

  • Up the Duff, by Kaz Cooke


As you get closer to the arrival of your new baby it can be really helpful to stockpile some food as when your baby first arrives you and/or your partner may not have time to be preparing food. A really easy way to do this is to simple double recipes when you are cooking and to freeze half each time, and in no time you will have a freezer full of food ready for when your new baby arrives.


It’s good to be prepared for your new arrival and to start thinking about what extra furniture and items you might need such as a change table, bassinet, pram. Start thinking early before it comes a bit harder to walk around.

Have a chat to friends and family and see whether they have any items they are not using anymore and get some ideas and advice of what you might need. There are so many shops for you to choose from it’s good to get advice so you don’t buy things that ultimately you will end up not using.

Keep moving

Being pregnant doesn’t have to mean you stop exercise – quite the opposite. Baby Yoga, walking and gentle exercise are great ways to keep in shape whilst pregnant, and will also potentially help you once delivery time comes round. Being healthy and fit are definite pluses when it comes to giving birth and will also help with your recovery.

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Get your pets prepared

If you have pets in your house it is important to prepare them for the new arrival as much as yourself. I wrote a previous post about how to prepare – read it here.

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