Things To Tell Your Obstetrician

Things To Tell Your Obstetrician

4 Things your Obstetrician Needs to Know

Having a trusted obstetrician by your side can make all the difference to your pregnancy. But, as with your regular doctor, your OB’s ability to assist you relies on how openly and honestly you communicate with them. Here’s an overview of the topics you should never hesitate to bring up with your obstetrician.

Let your obstetrician know what medications you are taking

1. Your Medical History

It’s important for your OB to have an accurate and comprehensive picture of your past. Conditions that no longer affect you or procedures you underwent years ago might not seem relevant to your pregnancy, but you may not be aware of complications that might arise due to such things. It’s better to over-share with your obstetrician and let him/her determine what is or isn’t significant.


2. Your Pregnancy Milestones

As you reach milestones within your pregnancy, such as crossing into your second trimester or feeling the first kick, it’s great to keep your obstetrician in the loop. Make sure to book and keep to all your important routine check-ups – but don’t hesitate to reschedule an appointment if something occurs earlier than expected.

Changes during the pregnancy

3. Any Odd Occurrences

If something unexpected happens – no matter how trivial it might seem – be sure to contact your obstetrician. Even if the only outcome is finding out what you’ve experienced is perfectly normal, at least this will give you peace of mind. And if it really is something out of the ordinary, the sooner your OB can investigate, the better.

Routines during pregnancy

4. Your Mental Well-being

Pregnancy can be a taxing and tumultuous time for any woman. If the stress takes a serious toll on your emotional well-being, be sure to speak to your OB (as well as your GP). They may recommend creating a mental health plan to help you. In some cases, simply discussing your concerns with your trusted doctor can be enough to lift some of that weight off your shoulders.

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Let your obstetrician know of any concerns

Dr Ken Law is a Brisbane Obstetrician specialising in the management of pregnancy and delivery.  For more information and to discuss your specific situation, please contact Dr Ken Law to arrange a consultation at Greenslopes Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

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