Travelling With a Baby Over Christmas

Travelling With a Baby Over Christmas

Travelling over the holidays can be stressful, but it can prove even more difficult with a baby. Here are some tips to help you have a stress-free Christmas holiday:

 Be prepared

Whether you are flying or doing a road trip to see family interstate, make a list in advance of everything you generally use on a daily basis and pack everything ready.

Make sure you leave a well packed nappy bag out for inside the car or on the flight with nappies, change of clothes, pre-filled water bottles (if using formula and flying – the airlines should allow you to take it on board – check with your airline), emergency dummy, snacks and food if bub is on solids, baby toys, wipes, and muslin cloths to name a few things.

 Invest in a cheap pushchair

If flying a lot of parents often put their main pram/stroller on with cases and then buy a cheap foldable pushchair (around $25 in shops such as Target) to push bub around whilst in the airport and getting to the airport lounge (depending on age of your baby). Some airlines even have them on hand for you to use theirs. One less thing to worry about.

Travelling and pregnancy

 Travel as light as possible

With smart thinking you can reduce the amount of things you need for a trip. For example check with the hotel you are staying at whether they have bassinets or portacots available as that could be one less thing you need to worry about when travelling – don’t forget sheets though.

If flying check with your airline whether you can book a bassinet/cot for your baby. Be mindful that with some airlines depending on the number of babies and their ages you may not always get an allocation.

Travel light during pregnnacy


Safety Checks

If going on a road trip a first aid kit is handy as is taking some baby Panadol with you just in case of a fever on the way*. Check your baby’s car seat is fitted properly, and consider window shades to ensure your baby doesn’t get exposed to too much sun.

*always consult a doctor in the case of your baby being unwell

Happy Christmas!

Merry Christmas

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