Travelling With Your Baby

Travelling With Your Baby

For many people, the idea of travelling with their new baby can be very daunting and the thought of it puts some people off even considering it. Here are some things to consider when travelling with your baby.

Flying with your baby

Babies are able to travel on planes from a very early age but it is always best to check with the airline you are travelling what their individual requirements are. There are usually baby bassinets available on the plane but be aware that often airlines won’t allocate one until you have booked your tickets and have a name for your baby.  Furthermore, allocation is not always guaranteed as it comes down to the ages of the babies and how many are on board.
One advantage to travelling with a baby is that you pay 10% of your fare for your baby (for international flights), and so it is very cost effective to travel with them at this age. For domestic flights in Australia, infants below the age of 2 travel for free!
Young babies can also make easier travellers than older more inquisitive babies, but be mindful if your baby has a particular condition which might make things difficult.
Consider buying a cheap pushchair to use in the airport once you have put your main stroller in the hold. Also consider if you are going to a country where you aren’t sure what food your baby can eat, it might be wise to take a small number of ready-made food pouches to help get you through, such as Bellamy’s Organic or Organic Bubs.

Driving with your baby

If you have a baby that is good in the car then a road trip might be the perfect getaway for you, as you might find they sleep for much of the journey giving you some downtime in the car. Be mindful of feeding and it might be good to map out some stops along the way if you are going a long distance to ensure that baby gets fed regularly and gets some fresh air.
Make sure you take plenty of toys if your baby is a bit older to keep them amused on the journey if they don’t sleep, and it could help if someone sits in the back of the car with the baby at times so that they have some company.
Having a new baby doesn’t mean that you can’t have a holiday anymore you just need to bear in mind it will be different to what you might be used to and you will need to be a bit more flexible.

Flying during pregnancy

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