5 great pregnancy apps

5 great pregnancy apps

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With 79% of Australians owning smartphones and thousands of apps being used, it comes as no surprise that there are lots of apps for pregnancy available. From contraction timers to tracking your baby’s growth week by week – generally there is an app for every aspect of pregnancy.

Here are my top 5 recommended FREE apps for your phone/tablet

My Pregnancy & Baby Today Daily Tracker

The My Pregnancy & Baby Today tracker is a great all rounder app that supports you before, during and after your pregnancy. The app gives week by week tips for your pregnancy along with video links, checklists and access to a wider community of other mums to chat to. There is a bumpie photo journal for you to document your pregnancy as well as a link to baby names. Once your baby is born the app switches over to give daily advice on parenting for the entire first year.

What to Expect 

You’ve heard of the famous books in the What to Expect series – well there is also an app available that gives you some great information and guides you through your pregnancy step by step. The app provides some great information about the changes you may experience as part of your pregnancy, as well as what is happening to your baby and how they are developing as well as access to a whole community of mums to be.

Baby Bump

The Baby Bump app is another great app available and is an all rounder when it comes to the information it provides for expectant mums. The app enables you to track your weight, your feelings/moods, and even details about your baby’s size. In addition, it has a great countdown widget that enables you to enter your due date and watch as the weeks fly by as well as giving you information each week about what to expect. It even has a contraction tracker which records the time between contractions as well as a kick counter, baby name database and enables you to create a birth plan.

Baby Names Genius 

Struggling to think of a name for your baby? The Baby Names Genius will give you some inspiration and help you with ideas for naming your new arrival. The app actually learns what you like and gives meanings and origins of name information.

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Mind the Bump

If you need to relax whilst pregnant then this app is a great mindfulness meditation tool to help you do just that. It provides some great tailored exercises to support you throughout your pregnancy and for two years after your birth.

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