Baby’s First Birthday

Baby’s First Birthday

How to Make Your Baby’s 1st Birthday Special

Your newborn’s first birthday is a big deal – even if they won’t remember it or have any idea what’s going on! Here are some tips to help you make it a fun occasion for everyone (including yourself!).

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Big Bash vs. Intimate Gathering

Depending on your preferences and the size of your home or venue, you need to decide whether to make your bub’s first birthday a large celebration or a more private get-together for just your closest friends and relatives.

Whichever avenue you choose, don’t do it half-heartedly. A full-size party should feature a buffet of food, fun decorations everywhere, and plenty of games and entertainment for the kids. For smaller affairs, pay attention to detail – cook your family’s favourite meal, use your fanciest wine glasses, and find (or bake!) a cake everyone will love.

Record as Much as Possible

Nothing quite compares to the nostalgia of looking over old photos of your child’s earliest birthdays. With today’s tech, there’s no excuse for neglecting to film some short videos and take plenty of pictures – you can do it all from your smartphone. With your cute baby, a delicious-looking cake and the right filter, you’re bound to get a fair few likes on Instagram as well!

Treat Yourself

Honestly, a baby’s first birthday is about the parents just as much as the child. Getting through the first 12 months is quite an accomplishment – especially if it’s your first baby! Take a break during the festivities to relax and indulge in something you love, whether it’s some luxury chocolates or a much needed nap.

Don’t forget that turning 1 is also an important milestone in regards to your child’s development.

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Baby's first birthday

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