Keeping Fit While Pregnant

Keeping Fit While Pregnant

Great Activities for Soon-to-Be Mums

As your pregnancy progresses, it could get more difficult to motivate yourself to exercise. Of course, the exercise itself will become harder too as the weight of your baby increases! Fortunately, there are a number of activities that are well-suited to mums-to-be. Here are a couple you could try if you’re committed to keeping fit while you’re expecting.

Keep fit during pregnancy


As your body gets heavier than usual, exercising in the water – where your body naturally feels lighter – is a great idea. Try a water aerobics group class so you can socialise while staying fit.

Swimming during pregnancy

Walking and Running

Even a gentle 30-minute walk can do wonders for your health, though a brisk jog would be ideal. The great thing about walking or running is that it can be done just about anywhere and anytime, making it the perfect option for pregnant women with busy schedules.

Relaxing during pregnancy

Pilates and Yoga

Pilates and yoga are very popular amongst pregnant women for good reason; either can be a great way for you to work on your flexibility, core strength, and general well-being in a supportive group setting.

Greenslopes Obstetrics and Gynaecology has a great Pregnancy Strength and Movement Class which is run by an instructor who is experienced in exercises during pregnancy. Find out more details here.

Generally, there aren’t too many exercises or sports that can’t be participated in while you’re expecting, so don’t assume your weekly exercise has to stop until your baby arrives. As long as your chosen activity doesn’t pose any risks, such as falling or hitting your baby bump, it should be fine. If your favourite sport is physically strenuous, just aim to take it a little bit easier than usual!
Pregnancy yoga - a good option for exercise during pregnancy

Dr Ken Law is a Brisbane Obstetrician specialising in the management of pregnancy and delivery.  The above article is for general information only, and you should consult your obstetrician for specific personal advice.  For more information and to discuss your specific situation, please contact Dr Ken Law to arrange a consultation at Greenslopes Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

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