Keeping Baby Warm in Winter

Keeping Baby Warm in Winter

For us adults, the change in seasons can be annoying and uncomfortable. But for your young baby, staying warm during the colder months really is vital for good health. While we may not have snow to contend with here in Queensland, it can still get quite chilly. Here are some tips for keeping your baby happy and healthy during his or her first winter.

All Rugged Up

Even in the middle of winter, it’s good to get baby (and yourself!) out of the house once or twice each day. Of course, this entails taking some time to get properly dressed for the weather. A good general approach is to consider how many layers you’re wearing to stay comfortable and adding one layer for your baby. Or consider it this way: light cardigan weather for you means cotton jacket weather for bub.

When dressing for the outdoors, keep in mind that little ones can lose a lot of heat through their head – especially if all their hair isn’t there yet. Counteract this with a cute hat or cosy beanie. Another great idea is to either equip your pram with warm blankets or swap it for a sling; being in close proximity to your personal body heat can help your little boy or girl stay warm.

Chilly Nights

While it’s tempting to adorn the cot with blanket upon blanket, try not to go overboard – overheating can be just as dangerous for a baby as being too cold. A fitted sheet and a couple of blankets will usually do the trick, while a cotton one-piece sleepsuit is a good idea for the coldest nights.
When monitoring your baby’s temperature, don’t trust the hand or feet; these extremities are naturally colder than the rest of the body. Instead, check your baby’s tummy, then add or remove layers as appropriate.

Keeping your youngster warm in winter doesn’t have to be difficult. It just takes some preparation and some extra clothes in the wardrobe!

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