Pain Relief in labour

Pain Relief in labour

Nobody would call childbirth an easy or painless process. But thanks to modern medicine, you can now choose to make your labour more bearable than it would otherwise be. Let’s look at some options that are available to you when you’re giving birth.

Pain relief in labour

Nitrous Oxide

Commonly known as laughing gas, nitrous oxide delivers pain relief through a mouth tube. When breathed in from the beginning of the contractions, this gas can help to take the edge off the pain from the contraction, though it doesn’t eliminate the pain altogether. Nitrous oxide is a popular choice because it gives the mother control over her pain relief – she can breathe in as much or as little of the gas as she needs or wants. The potential risks are minimal.

Morphine Injection

Morphine is an effective pain relief. The typical method of delivery is an injection to the bottom – something you might find embarrassing in other circumstances but probably won’t be bothered by while in labour! Medicine to treat nausea is usually given simultaneously because this is a common side effect of morphine.


An injection of epidural anaesthesia is a common and usually effective form of pain relief for women in labour. After receiving the injection in the back, the body goes numb from the waist down. Epidurals are popular partly because they don’t affect the woman’s top half, allowing her to be present and alert during the birth.

Epidural in labour
Speak to your doctor to get a good understanding of these before you make your decision. You’ll be ready to deliver a brand new child into the world!

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