Loneliness As A New Mum

Loneliness As A New Mum

Having your first baby marks an exciting new phase of your life. However, being a new mum isn’t always the wonderful experience you might imagine it to be. In particular, a newborn inevitably leads you to sacrificing some of the quality time you previously spent with friends and family. While bonding with baby is certainly special and essential, the disconnect from the outside world can leave you feeling isolated. Here are some ideas for coping with loneliness as a new mum.

Join a mums group, make new friends

You’re never alone as a new mummy. Set up some catch-ups with friends who have also become parents recently or consider giving a mothers’ group a go. Spending time with other women who are in the same situation as you can be immensely helpful and make a big difference to your feelings of loneliness.

Start a new hobby or course for you or bub if time permits!

Whilst having a new baby can be time consuming as well as exhausting it is important to try and do something for yourself. If you are feeling like you need company then consider start a new hobby or short course if time permits – even if it is for an hour a week to get you out and meeting other people.

If you aren’t able to then create a new hobby for bub that means you meet people too such as a Gymboree class or swimming classes when old enough. You’ll potentially meet mums with children the same age and keep bub active at the same time which can be a great way to get some vital interpersonal interaction into your routine!

Don’t hesitate to ask for help

Sometimes prolonged feelings of isolation after becoming a mum can be a sign of postnatal depression. If you experience extended or intense feelings of sadness after welcoming your new child into the world, don’t be afraid to seek help from your doctor or a counsellor.

Our clinic specialises in assisting women during and after pregnancy. For advice about coping with anything – including loneliness after giving birth – please get in touch and make an appointment.

Loneliness as a new mother

Dr Ken Law is a Brisbane Obstetrician specialising in the management of pregnancy and delivery.  For more information and to discuss your specific situation, please contact Dr Ken Law to arrange a consultation at Greenslopes Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

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