Pregnancy Diary

Pregnancy Diary

Now you are pregnant or planning a pregnancy – have you considered keeping a diary?

Even women who have never kept a journal – or haven’t used one since their school days – should consider writing a diary during their pregnancy. Whether you take out the old-fashioned notebook and pen or decide to go digital with your pre-childbirth thoughts and experiences, writing in a pregnancy diary is a wonderful idea.

Why keep a pregnancy diary?

The nine months of your pregnancy will be unlike any other period of your life, and tracking this time will help you re-live the magical moments (and the not-so-magical moments!) in the future. Not only can keeping a pregnancy diary be a fulfilling experience for you, but it can also help you gain rich insights into yourself. You might find your pregnancy reveals aspects of your personality you would otherwise never discover.

Magical moments of the pregnancy

How to keep a pregnancy diary

The first thing you need to understand is that there is no ‘correct’ way to keep a pregnancy diary. If the way you approach it helps you get through the tough times and reflect on the process, you’ve already achieved the primary goal. Expecting mothers sometimes get hung up on what they’re ‘supposed’ to write about. Don’t let this bother you. Simply channel your raw thoughts, feelings, and experiences into the words that come naturally to you. If you’re a perfectionist who needs everything to sound right, you can always go over it and edit after writing!

As with keeping any kind of journal, the hardest part is often remembering to keep it updated. The best way to solve this might be to set aside a pre-planned, specific time of every day (or second day) for writing. Obviously your pregnancy diary won’t always be your top priority, but it’s important that you value this allocated time in order to get the most out of it.

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Keeping a pregnancy diary

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