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Dr Ken Law
10:50 pm

5 Great Christmas Presents To Buy For a New Mum

  • Merry Christmas

When new mothers have their baby often friends and families’ reactions (not intentionally) are to spoil the precious newborn and to forget about mum herself. This Christmas, why not be that friend or family member that makes mum feel special too? Below are some ideas of what you could do or buy. Pamper hamper for the new mum Why not buy a luxury hamper packed with decadent goodies to help ‘mum’ feel special? Or you could do it yourself – buy a basket and fill it with special items such as a luxury bath robe, toiletries and things you know that they love. Alternatively pay for mum to have a massage, and babysit whilst they go! DIY ‘helper’ certificates for new mums All new mums like to be helped (even if they say they are ok!), so why not give vouchers for services that you will do or have someone else do such as a cleaning voucher, babysitting duties, pedicure, and cooking? Any new mum would be very appreciative of this gesture. Give the new mum something sentimental There are lots of personalised items available to buy that would make lovely keepsakes for a new mum such as a nice necklace with baby’s birth date and name on or birth posters, photobooks. I found some great ideas on Pinterest – see here.  Hair makeover for new mums For those mums that are not really into massages and pedicures a hairdressing voucher is another great and functional idea to give as a gift giving mum a new hair cut and some pampered time. Food delivery  Cooking especially in the first few weeks is not usually on the radar for many new mums as there is so much else going on, so a great present if you aren’t a lover of cooking is to send food via a food delivery service such as UberEats or Foodora.

Great Christmas Gift Ideas For Baby’s First Christmas

  • Merry Christmas

The first Christmas with a newborn is a special time but often more for the new parents than the baby especially if they are a newborn. You may find they sleep Christmas Day away! It’s often tricky to know what to buy for a new baby –  so here are some ideas that might help you come up with some ideas this Christmas. Personalise away There are so many websites and products now that enable you to not only buy some beautiful gifts, but to personalise them as well with the baby’s name on. So if you are wanting to buy something really special you could have the baby’s name put on it too. Websites such as Tiny Me and  Bright Star Kids have a great range of gift ideas that you could have baby’s name put on. Birth Prints Birth Prints are very popular now and consist of baby’s birth date, place, weight in a graphical poster. Websites such as Etsy and Hard to Find have some great ones available. Wooden toys There is a trend of going back to basics with baby/kids toys and lots of beautiful wooden toys around to buy rather than the plastic more modern toys. Buy an outfit for the occasion! Technically it is for Christmas day but there are lots of fun and cute Christmas outfits available for babies right up to toddlers in most of the high street shops. So if you are really stuck you could buy something for baby to wear on the day! A Christmas of ‘firsts’ You can buy so many ‘first’ Christmas gifts such as ‘first’ bib, ‘first Christmas’ stocking – Not On The High Street have lots of great ideas. Don’t forget mum! Why not buy mum a pampering gift to help her feel extra special? A nice massage, pedicure, hair cut would be appreciated by most if not all new mums – or if you want to spend less – why not hand-make your own vouchers offering to help with baby sitting or something your friend/new mum family member/partner might need.

Nappy Bags Demystified

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One of the essentials on a new mum’s shopping list is a nappy bag. Nappy bags are literally a bag that you can put all your baby’s necessities in when you go out and about. Some mums and dads choose to simple use a rucksack, whereas many like to have a dedicated nappy bag that they buy ready for when their baby arrives. What kinds of things do mums and dads traditionally put in a nappy bag? Nappy bags can be used to put nappies (of course) in as well as a whole host of things you need for your baby such as: A change of clothes Bottles (if you need them with expressed milk or formula) – some nappy bags come with an insulated pocket Change mat – some nappy bags do come with a portable change mat Dummies if you are using one Toys and activities as your baby gets older and gets bored easily Wipes Muslin cloth Bibs Water free hand wipe for when you are in places where there are no taps Cutlery Snacks Emergency medical information How much should I spend on a nappy bag? There are lots of places to buy nappy bags, and you can pay hundreds of dollars for them if you really want to, but if your budget doesn’t stretch to that, many shops such as Target and Big W also sell them at very affordable prices. It comes down to whether you want a practical or a fashionable looking bag essentially. Things to look out for when choosing your nappy bag Plenty of pockets and useful compartments Insulated bottle pocket Washable clear plastic compartment/removable bag – can be good for those unforeseen ‘accidents’ As washable fabric as possible Change mat Miscellaneous extras such as a dummy holder, wipes pocket

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